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With over 10 years of document control experience, I am creating the ultimate system that will be extremely time saving and typing will be minimal. A lot of time is wasted with renaming files (My program does the renaming, even from scanned files)

  • Fully automated Document Management System in Excel
  • Documents is stored on OneDrive.
    • 2 Project folders – Public & Private
    • First level subfolders for each Originator/Contractor
    • under each originator/contactor subfolder will be a folder with the type-discipline. See folder structure below
Orange: Project short name
Green: Public/Private folder
Blue: Originator / Contractor folder
Yellow: Type-Discipline ~ Documents is stored in this folder (Stucture must not be to long)
The upload feature checks if the yellow folder exists and shows a red cross if not or a green correct mark if already exist. Button available to create. The yellow folder is created according to the type and discipline selected from the dropdown menus. The document is automatically renamed and uploaded to the correct folder on OneDrive

Key Features

  • Auto Numbering, even drawing numbers with sheet numbers (no other big system can do auto numbering on drawings with sheet number)
  • Automatically rename the file when uploading, using the document number, revision & title
  • Bulk Upload
  • Transmittal history
  • Seperate folder for confidential documents, documents can be quickly moved between public & private folder
  • Create mail groups
  • Auto text for mail body
  • Predefined subjects
  • Prefix & Suffix for quick mails
  • Create mail object with all detail and then creates the mail ready to only press send
  • Revision Control
  • Bulk file renamer, with prefix & suffix and separators (when signed drawings is scanned)
  • Create bulk numbers for place holders
Before project folders is created (note red block)

Updates ribbon automatically when ‘Create Project’ button is pressed. Every time you open the file, it will check if the folders exist.